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Murder. Deceit. Betrayal. Nerf.'s Journal
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Monday, December 31st, 2001
6:33 pm
I propose, now that we have the craziness of the holidays nearly behind us, that the first game of Assassins in Seattle begins. Next Monday (the 7th), we will hammer out the details at Dante's, and hopefully actually begin the battle later that week (friday?). If you want to be included, show up at Dante's, or comment on this post.

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Monday, November 19th, 2001
6:44 pm
Rule to consider
I played this game at summer camp (while I was supposed to be taking care of kids), and we used a rule that made the game a lot more enjoyable:

You can't kill someone while another assassin can see. Imagine what would happen if we didn't do this: Monday night at Dante's would be a bloodbath!
Monday, November 5th, 2001
2:50 am
I have begun writing the assassins judge. I will be posting development updates on the fantasia community. You can also look at the page I made and see the current development. Nothing works yet, but you will get the basic idea. I need another day or two before it will be at a point where it will be useful.
1:19 am

Welcome to Assassins.

You have been selected to compete in a massive fight to the death. If you win, you will have the respect and admiration of your peers. If you lose? Oblivion. Abandon all loyalties - your best friend might be waiting in the shadows, watching for the perfect opportunity to gun you down in cold blood.

Your weapons? Nerf products. Each man will be responsible for the purchase, maintence and calibration of his weapon. The ammunition of choice is suction cup darts. No balls, no discs, none of that wimpy crap. Pure darts. These weapons may be manufactured by Nerf or any other similar company.

Your mission? To be the last man alive in a battle that lasts days, weeks, crossing cities and states in a quest for domination.

Your rules? At the beginning of the game, all contestants will be piled into a list. Person 1 is gunning for Person 2, who is in turn gunning for Person 3. You are not allowed to kill anyone except for your target (assassination) or your pursuer (self-defense). Any other shot fired will be determined "a flesh wound", and the person shot will live again. Once a person is legitimately eliminated (for example, Person 1 shoots Person 2), the list contracts, and a new target is assigned (Person 1 begins gunning after Person 3).

The trick? Nobody knows the list - you only know your target. You have no idea who is gunning after you. It is generated by a program, and is guarded with utmost secrecy. Rumors (both false and true) abound, and paranoia runs deep.

Detailed Rules? To be determined later. For now, a few ground ones:
- No breaking and entering someone's house. If you are invited in by roommates, though....
- Game is off while a player is at work. The second they step out of the building, though, it's all fair.
- Similar rules for classes. No invading classrooms.

We are looking for a small exploratory group (5-6) to play a test game in Seattle before creating a massive game (20-30). Please comment here if interested.
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